More than just "ditch digging", utility excavation is a complex and precise process that involves coordinating locations and elevations from finished surfaces according to code, all the while avoiding conflicts with building footings and other utilities. Diamond Specialty Services , LLC. has the resources

needed to reliably deliver quality work for even the most complicated jobs. Our overall financial stability enable us to meet each of our customers' changing needs on a daily basis.


We maintain working relationships with local utility providers throughout our market area to ensure proper utility installation in compliance with technical standards and locally established requirements and specifications. Our extensive knowledge of utility company rules, regulations, specifications, tariffs and policies ensures the most efficient system for our clients.

• Site Work

• Caliche Pads & Roads

• Fire Water Systems

• Curb Inlets

• Grate Inlets

• Line Breaks

• Water Tapping

• Grounds Maintenance

• Offering: Select & General Fill Dirt

• Concrete Sidewalks

• Concrete & Asphalt Driveways & Roads

• Excavation For Repair Or New

  Underground Utility Construction Work

• Storm Manholes

• Water & Sewer Lines


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IS-Networld ID: 400-261004